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Develop a responsive website with Node

A responsive site is a site that allows easy access to web content whether via mobile or via a computer. Being very practical to reach more Internet users, it is also an opportunity for the site to increase in visibility and page visit so that more people have access to all the publications that can be found there. From now on, it is possible to manipulate all the languages ​​and codes that contribute to the smooth running of the site with Node, which is there to fill in technique and various manipulation but which also solves the various problems related to computer science and information. .

JavaScript language

Node is a language that comes from JavaScript and looks more server side to facilitate the various manipulations on the HTML page and to better use the JavaScript language to generate web pages. Nowadays, the Node.js Developers are constantly increasing in number. This is due to the practicality and technicality that facilitates the creation of applications: being faster and more efficient. Being a very high level environment that is closer to C than PHP, Ruby on Rails or Django; Node.js is more used by professionals in the field of computing because of its complexity and the various special codes and scripts to master.


Node.js is known to be faster compared to other JavaScript languages ​​because of its use of Google Chrome's ultra-fast V8 engine (more optimized and faster) and its non-blocking model (more convenient and efficient ). This first cause is due to the fact that it is an open source tool that has been created by Google that only wants to analyze and execute the JavaScript code faster. The latter being a language designed around the event reinforcing its blocking operation. It's in its settings and in its systems that Node.js is more motivated to be faster compared to other languages. And that is why many developers are opting for this new computerized method to improve server and client side work but to offer more access to the various modifications and manipulations to be done.

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