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Development framework vouch by its numerous advanced feature

PHP has been one of the most widely used programming languages for website and application development for years now. Although the language is considered fairly stable and secure, since its release it has seen a fair share of evolution. But as time has gone by, website complexity has grown massively. To create these websites, developers need to write hundreds and thousands of lines of code, which is a tedious task and takes a lot of time. In addition, each time a php developer has to start from scratch. They use numerous php frameworks in order to develop various website. A framework is an abstraction in which additional reusable user-written code can be used to selectively change software that provides generic functionality.


The new (if not the most popular) system, Laravel, is the top of our list. Released in 2011, Laravel has swept off his feet the system arena and has been overtaking charts for quite a while now. The enormous popularity can be attributed to its ability to handle complex web applications with added security and speed compared to other frameworks. It also simplifies the development process by reducing the complexity of common tasks like sessions, routing, queuing, and authentication.


For many developers, Symphony is the first choice because of the availability of modular libraries and components that allow you to complete a variety of tasks such as authentication, object configuration, and more. Symfony is the perfect choice for large-scale enterprise assignments across PHP frameworks. In addition, the Symfony ecosystem is massive and is reinforced by an extremely dynamic programming public.

Zend Framework

It comes with a surplus of components for tasks such as authentication, utilities, and forms and much more because of its concentration of enterprise applications. But while it comes with many tools that make a developer's life fairly easy, it is still not suitable for rapid development of applications. Nonetheless, one of the most challenging frameworks to learn is the Zend system, particularly if you're a beginner.

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