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How to become a magento web project ?

When we talk about e-commerce and especially the market that the web offers businesses, innovative concepts have emerged. These concepts such as magento aim to better manage the internet market offered so the company achieve its goal effectively. In the specific case of magento, it will be interesting to really know the inner workings in order to better understand the concept.

A concept with a lot of advantage

Magento that is adopted by many e-retailers is based mainly on the many benefits it offers. We must also say that magento developers have made the magento as software specifically designed to manage e-commerce sites. This software also offers a very practical aspect through numerous licenses with which it was distributed. It especially speaks of an open source community edition or EC license and a license fee for companies or Enterprise Edition. The latter will be rich in features, but the first version will be just as handy and efficient. Also be aware that the magento allow extensive and accurate management of all the catalogs and the price rules. Of course, specific advantages testify to the fact that this software is a must currently be it through its back office or front office functionality.

The use of magento

Since Magento is an e-commerce management website development platform, it stands to reason therefore, is using it to really claim to know its benefits. The first step will be to download and install WAMP Server. Indeed, it will be essential to use a server, but on other type of server can be used. Once this step is accomplished, it will be important to create a database in the local manager for this purpose. Only after that it will be important to download and install Magento. If during this process, you are asked to connect, simply create a free account. When installing this software, you will note that Magento will need to be installed into the directory "www" WampServer. From there, simply access magento thanks to the server.

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