Keep your privacy and stay protected with Koddos

Are you tired of all these attacks targeting your website? Do you want to work in peace and make your site work more efficiently and quickly? In this kind of situation, you can call in experts like Koddos who can provide you with the accommodations needed to protect your site from any kind of hacking.

Koddos is your ultimate solution

This is a hosting service that specializes in data protection and any website against any type of invasion. To make their services effective, they put at your disposal the latest technologies and high-end materials so that your web page can work very quickly while being secure against external attacks. It has several locking systems that are at the forefront of technology. Thanks to their multi-layer filtering, the attack can be located without difficulty and then blocked on their networks. Once the invasion has been blocked, it will then be cleaned up and permanently deleted. This will make any attempt by a third party to infiltrate your data or overload your site impossible. In this way, you will be able to work safely in no risk. Your site will become much more responsive and easy to load.

What are they still offering you?

At Koddos usa, you can get several hosting packages that are very advanced and well customized depending on the type and design of your website. There are Medium and High Risk hosting, Remote DDoS protection, Dedicated Protected server and DDoS protection colocation, all of which have the role of securing your site for its proper functioning. You can also take advantage of their remote IP transit which will allow you to connect to any telecom operator around the world. They can also set up the firewall of your server. With koddos be certain of the security of your most secret and highest data.

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