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Magento, the tools for your e-commerce !

Currently, a lot of people prefer online shops than physical stores. This still pushes many companies and companies to design websites that serve as virtual showcase or even shop to sell or to promote their goods and services. But first, you must choose on what basis to create them. This article is precisely written to present a tool allowing to do it.

What is Magento?

First of all it should be emphasized that magento is software. It is used to support e-commerce content designed on the basis of the Zend framework available since the end of March 2008. Currently, ebay holds the majority of this CMS. For the design and development of the software "magento development", it is the American company Varien that takes care of it.In a way, it is a free online trading platform. It now uses the Symfony framework, including the use of new console and eventdispatcher modules. As main features, magento allows for easy site management, mobile commerce, ordering, payment, transport tracking and SEO optimization. This tool also allows to manage the orders and the catalog of products, to rewrite the url and to use several languages. For customers, it allows them to benefit from a customer space and a customer service.

Why choose magento?

Magento development is now the most famous platform in the world of e-commerce. The reasons for the enthusiasm of the users for this one are many. In addition to the many features it has, it also leaves plenty of latitude in front office. To implement a website, nothing is easier, a system of management of templates is made for this effect. Customers can also adapt their own needs to merchandising thanks to the possibility of reworking a blank page. On the other hand, we do not have enough documents on the tool yet. Thus, if one ventures far from the usual operations of magento, one risks to the expenses of development related.Moreover, this platform also requires knowledge and a particular mastery. Better then assign tasks to a professional developer.

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