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The largest concentration of data centres and network service providers in Europe

This year, Monaco was the center of all companies in a dataclouds service of Europe. All those big leaders of the datacenter company were there and it’s a success for the Europe, they will be there on 2019 and it will make noise. But let’s talk more about datacenters in Europe.

The best reference of a datacenter in Europe

A solution Cloud is still the best way to get more visibility, and to protect your customers. There is a big list with many names about a project to protect your website. Hosting company gets more area and work hard to help you to develop your business. There is a high-quality service about BCE colocation, Cegecom cloud, CMD.Solutions cloud, Data4colocation, and more than this. The best one is the geographic position of Europe, not so far of the United States and near Asia. That’s why KoDDoS Company had the best place on Hong Kong Datacenter who is the privilege for those big company in Europe. You can be progress with a hosting offshore with his digital infrastructure, it is just so awesome.

Make the difference to get performance

Now KoDDoS has on his second datacenter place, because they also have the best place on the Netherland. It’s good to visit a datacenter with a big hall of area in a calm place and so Zen. There are more than 200.000 servers in each place and surely the third place will be there soon. In Hong Kong who have the high level of technology and the best place to get free energy electrics. We appreciate the system that they implant to against watering disaster and a big configuration of cooling dispositive. There is a big progression to the optical network system in a new room with a big rooter getting from Cisco connecting with Europe. They have the best technician always free to serve you 24/7 than you have to call every matter.

In that explication, we can consider this hosting society and a brain of your internet how far his level.

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