What langues is best for developing my site?

The creation of a website has become a necessity since the virtual world has a scope that no entrepreneur can refute. The fact that everyone is connected and exchanges products, services and information at all times explains perfectly the effervescence of this world. During the creation of the website, it will be essential to use development tools. It is during the choice of language that the quality of the final result will emerge. Here we use one of the most recurrent languages ​​of the current market and it is Ruby on rails.

What is this language?

By using advanced ruby ​​on rails application development, you will be guaranteed to have impeccable results, that is, a site that is both functional, efficient and innovative. Clearly, ruby ​​on rails or ROR is a framework written with the ruby ​​language. The latter is a programming language that is both object-oriented, multi-parsed and interpreted. Its main asset is the ease of use for a usage all the simpler for all developers. Several implementations of ruby ​​exist with different specificities. To this there is the MRI which is a standard virtual machine, the JRuby which relies on the JVM or virtual machine of Java, MacRuby which is currently maintained by Apple as well as Rubinius which undoubtedly represents the future of this tool so prized By the startups.

Its advantages

Of course, the main advantage of ROR is the ease in the development process. However, its many features characterize its main advantages. With this, using ruby, it is quite possible to well structure the project thus offering everyone the opportunity to properly manage his work. Thereafter, it will be possible to change the structure of the project and the content of the database through migrations. By using the ORM Active Record, you will have better control over the entire database by manipulating them at will. Security, ability to do tests and work done according to 3 specific environments are other advantages that only this tool offers to all developers.

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