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Why choosing magento instead of drupal for an ecommerce ?

Getting into e-commerce leads to many questions including the choice of the technology used to develop its future online store. Many points are to consider in order to make the right choice, like the importance of the product catalog, the specific delivery or payment needs, the need to connect the shop to an external system (ERP, physical cash solution ... ). Or the need to animate a community around a forum, blog and other technical or information sheets.

The two big war machines, Magento and Drupal

For stores offering a catalog of several hundred references, the choice will have to be the subject of a study of the needs, essential to the completion of the project, in order to choose the best site engine.

In this area, there are two big names that dominate in the open-source world:

  • Magento, recognized solution with large references.
  • Drupal Commerce, much younger solution in the field of e-commerce but which has the advantage of being based on the CMS Drupal 7.

Why choosing Magento instead of Drupal ?

Because Magento is dedicated to e-commerce. It is a powerful solution, which knows very well the problems of the e-merchant. We find natively, from the offer "Community", all the functionalities necessary to achieve a successful store. The "Enterprise Edition" offers, meet the needs of the biggest e-commerce sites, such as increased security and professional support guaranteed and therefore reactive. Drupal is specialized in content. But it remains a less "turnkey" solution and involves defining one by one all aspects of the shop as well as a longer development period to reach a site 100% customized.

One of Magento's main strengths lies in its ready-to-use appearance, which will enable rapid deployment and start-up. Conversely, Drupal Commerce is more like a fragmented framework, based on the eponymous CMS Drupal. For your ecommerce, it's better to choose magento platform.

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