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The leaders for app development in Switzerland

The app development in Switzerland has been incredibly dynamic. Many developers have embarked on this path, most often by founding microstructures of one or two employees. Who are the leaders of this development in the country?

The Lausanne society Sen: te

This company based in Switzerland has developed software for Apple which identifies the surrounding mountains. Sold 4.40 francs, the application quickly reached the top of the best Swiss sales. It has been downloaded more than 15,000 times since it was launched two months ago, which generated for Sen: te a turnover of around 40,000 francs, after deducting the 30% commission received by Apple.

To date, Sen : te has developed three other iPhone applications on behalf of its customers. Unique business models "made in Switzerland": the Jass card game in electronic and mobile versions have enjoyed great success. Also sold 4,40 francs, the application totals nearly 30,000 downloads.

Swiss Tomato agency

Swiss Tomato is an expert in mobile application development. Swiss Tomato was among the finalists in the Best of Swiss App and in the top 3 at the Best of the Web in the Mobile category. and their satisfied customers include the Swiss Confederation, Jet Aviation, P & G, HP, Rivella, Groupe Mutuel and Swiss watches. They also work with start-ups and small Swiss companies.

Darwin Digital

Darwin Digital specializes in creating native mobile applications using the latest technologies in image processing and Machine Learning. They combine these technologies with user-centric solutions for iOS and Android platforms to create unique and reliable applications that fit the business and needs of their customers. Darwin Digital employs a team at the forefront of design and development that creates native solutions for Android users as well as integrated solutions for artificial intelligence.

Today, there are two great alternatives for designing a mobile application, and the Swiss are among the leaders in this digital age. Switzerland has the highest concentration of iPhone per capita in the world, ahead of the US and the highest concentration of public WIFI terminals. Research and development is very much involved in the advancement of new products and services.

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