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Hong Kong : a location without the requirement to apply for an ICP license

When you visit Hong Kong, you have to say “Nǐ hǎo”, but you will be impressed for all his peaks view. It is not a country but a big island, a famous one about technology, connection a big ground of hosting offshore. KoDDoS is also localized in Hong Kong, there are different reason about this choice.

Why companies hosting offshore choose Hong Kong?

The first reason is about his infrastructure, there are more activities in this country and many touriststo visit and to stay at last. So, Hong Kong gets more clients and customers in China. Hong Kong has a robust online of connection. This year, he gets the first place to have a lot of clients on hosting share. His geographic condition is also enabled to explore the hosting offshore system. But the one biggest reason is about this liberty to give more than clients needs. For those who don’t know about it, hosting companies have rule to manage websites. He gives you a possibility to be connected and visible on the net. You have to pay his service, and your site is enabled for one year. And the last reason is simple that Hong Kong Web Hosting doesn’t need license.

You have to choose an interest hosting service

To choose a hosting company is a war because they grew like vegetables nowadays. Your choice will be based with the localization of the hosting company, his physical infrastructures, his offers service in front of hacker’s attacks, his power to give you more than a 10 Gb and his plans to perform your business online. To be clear about this good news, China is the third country to have more headband market hosting in the world. But you have to work very hard to get ICP license. This last one is the name of your website, like for example, but in Hong Kong, having this name is free.

If we talk about a package hosting, they are based with Cloud Web, so it’s easy to get spaces in his virtual world.

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